Ryan Pyle

Adventurer | Ambassador | Speaker


Ryan Pyle has an active speaking schedule and tries to connect with corporations, institutions and organizations on a regular basis. Get Ryan Pyle to your event today. Bring this Photographer, World Traveler, Extreme Adventurer, Television Celebrity and Producer to share some of his experiences in the field and in life and management.

Spend some time with one of the most exciting men in television.

Ryan works with BIG SPEAK to arrange his speaking engagements.

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Blair Bryant Nichols
Agent: Big Speak Agency
Phone: +1 805 730 0614

Recent Clients: Daimler, BMW Motorrad, Mitsubishi, Columbia University, University of Toronto, London School of Economics
Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong, Geographical Society of Philadelphia, The Hotchkiss School, Salisbury School, Middlesex School


We have been privileged to host talks by Ryan at LSE on several occasions in recent years. These have always attracted large audiences who have very much enjoyed Ryan’s talk and the chance to engage with him in the Q&A session. His talks have always been informative, entertaining and engaging which can be seen from how many people have listened to the podcasts!
— Alan Revel || Head of Events, LSE
Ryan came to speak at the new Straits Clan club hosted by RGS-Singapore on the 8th November 2018. He captivated the audience with his electric visuals—both of images and videos from expeditions in Nepal, and beyond. Ryan’s natural interaction with the audience after his talk meant the enjoyable Q&A lasted long into the evening—a testimony to his ability to draw the crowd in and entertain. RGS-Singapore are very excited about Ryan’s return next year!
— Oliver Worsley || Royal Geographical Society Singapore
It was our honor to pin the Cecilia Beaux pin on your lapel and have you join the legacy list of famous explorers that have also received that honor such as Theodore Roosevelt, Jacques Cousteau and Ernst Shackleton! Since 1891, explorers have taken the stage for this honor and you deserve it for navigating countries like India and China on a motorcycle. The Geographical Society audience loved seeing the video clips of such an adventure which you expertly filmed and presented. Thank you, Ryan!
— Mary Carroll Donahoe || Geographical Society of Philadelphia
In an ever changing and shrinking world, Ryan’s life’s journey of growth, change, adaptation and exploration is perfect message for today’s students.
— Rhonan Mokriski || Salisbury School
We were delighted to have Ryan come speak to our students at Middlesex School in October, 2016. He addressed all 400 of our high school students in an energetic, engaging, entertaining, and inspiring manner. He was personable, accessible, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. We particularly appreciated his message about “multiple versions of the self,” where he reminded the students that few paths to success are straight lines and that most people evolve and experience several, different versions of themselves as they discover their passions and search for meaningful work. Ryan reminded our students to remain open to myriad possibilities for their future lives and to try to enjoy their journeys as much as they think they will enjoy their destinations.
— Rebecca Smedley || Middlesex School