Ryan Pyle

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Tough Rides: Brazil (itunes & Blu-ray)

Ryan Pyle is back on his motorcycle. After successful adventure motorcycle journeys through China (Season #1) and India (Season #2), Ryan is keen to set out and explore the complexities and diversity of Brazil. This incredible journey will take Ryan from the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, through the mining towns in Minas Gerais, into the deep Amazon and back through the southern metropolises of Florianopolis, Blumenau and Sao Paulo.


Tough Rides, India takes the biker brothers from the crowded capital city of New Delhi to the isolated northern Himalayan regions, back down to the rain forests of the southeast and up the tiger infested jungles of Bengal.

Extreme treks s1 (ITUNES & BLU-RAY)

This series is an outdoor, mountain culture, adventure series from one of the most remote regions on the planet: Tibet. Follow known adventure personality, Ryan Pyle, as he walks, treks and climbs around four of the most remote and religious mountains in all of the world.


The first people ever to ride a motorcycle the entire way around China, adventure motorcyclists Ryan and Colin Pyle somehow managed to complete a remarkable 12,000 mile 64 day circumnavigation around China.