Ryan Pyle

Adventurer | Ambassador | Speaker



Ryan Pyle is a COLUMNIST and writes “The Nomad” for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, Asia's biggest English language newspaper. He is also a freelance contributor to a number of other publications around the world.
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Column #2 | SCMP | The nomad

October 7th 2019 | “How a trek across China’s Badain Jaran desert put everything into perspective". Traversing 170km across the beautiful but barren landscape, adventurer Ryan Pyle wonders whether he has gone too far.

Column #1 | SCMP | The nomad

September 21st 2019 | ‘Travel has given me a voice and a purpose in life’, says adventurer Ryan Pyle. From a remote, mountaintop village in China’s Anhui province, the Canadian TV host and author reflects on the nature of travel.